Ryan Tubridy taking an ‘extended break’ from RTE radio show

Ryan Tubridy has announced that he is taking an ‘extended break’ from RTE for the summer. The Late Late presenter usually takes some time off in the summer, but this time he’ll be heading off for about six weeks ‘to recharge.’

Ryan was diagnosed with Covid-19 in April and after a number of weeks in isolation he returned to his post on our screens and the radio. This was no doubt a very draining and exhausting time for the presenter.

Speaking about the last few months he said; “It has been a bonkers run really, hasn’t it? Since last September to up until now. I’m going away to – when I say go away, no one’s going away.”

Pic: VIP Ireland

However, Ryan won’t be boarding a plane and heading for a sandy beach somewhere, instead he’ll be heading to the West of Ireland for a few weeks;  “I’ll go West, young man. I’ll go West.”

“I’m leaving to recharge and regenerate and to reflect and to get my head together.”

Ryan feels this will be needed as radio and TV have become even more important since this pandemic began;  “When we come back for radio and television duties I think we’re going to have a big job on our hands when we get back for all sorts of reasons.”

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