Ryan Tubridy reveals his awkward encounter with The Beatles’ Paul McCartney

Pic: VIP Ireland

The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy is used to mingling with some big stars, having interviewed anyone and everyone, so it’s hard to imagine him getting star struck. But that was exactly the case when he met The Beatles star Paul McCartney.

The Dublin man has been vocal about his love for the band in the past, so he was obviously excited when the chance to meet Paul came up.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One, he opened up about their encounter, and how awkward it was. Explaining; “I did meet him once and I made a fool of myself.”

“I’ve got such PTSD from meeting Paul McCartney about 15 years ago. I was brought over by a record company very decently with some journalists in Manchester. I was beside myself with excitement.”

Ryan Tubridy
Pic: Andres Poveda for RTE

Explaining that when he actually met the Beatles’ legend, his nerves took over.

Confessing; “I went backstage and sure enough he comes out and I didn’t know where to look or what to do. My heart was pounding. I bought the music his kids wouldn’t buy, I was that loyal.”

“Eventually he came out and he was shorter than I expected, his hair was died, he had a tan.”

“He stood beside me and I put my hand on his shoulder and started tapping his shoulder repeatedly saying ‘hi, hi, hi.'”

Ryan’s nervous response left Paul feeling a bit worried, as the presenter shared; “He looked and me as if to say ‘How did you get in here and please tell me you don’t have the vote.'”

But the situation only got worse when Ryan asked for a memento of their meeting.

“And I said something like ‘Thank you for the music Mr. McCartney. I listen to you all the time’ and I said ‘Can we have a photograph’ and he said ‘no.'” the Dubliner shared.

But Ryan wasn’t taking no for an answer, explaining; “thankfully the former head of 2FM John Clarke was there and he had a camera. I said ‘But Paul, John has a camera, would you mind?’ and he said ‘I’d prefer if you didn’t.'”

“Then I said ‘John please take the picture’ and he took the picture. Paul was looking at the camera saying ‘Please don’t.'”

Ryan did manage to get the picture he wanted, but now can’t even look at it, as the memory is too embarrassing.

“I got the picture and have it at home. But, I’m so embarrassed by the picture that even though I got it framed, it’s on the ground against the wall reversed.” he added.


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