Ryan Tubridy opens up about online trolls

He believes the internet makes things so much easier for bullies

Trolls are the reason he left social media
Trolls are the reason he left social media

Ryan Tubridy has opened up about online trolls, revealing that comments from strangers and online abuse was what made him shut down all his social media accounts.

The Late Late Show host de-activated his accounts in 2011, and believes that because the internet is so easily accessible, it makes things so much easier for people to leave nasty comments.

In an interview for Diana Bunici’s new book, The Pursuit of Awesomeness, Ryan said, “I’d rather read a good book than what some guy in a bedsit watching Star Trek thinks about me.

“I made a decision to go offline a couple of years ago and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened.

He doesn’t look back

“Honestly, if you want to depress yourself as a broadcaster, read online. If I could switch off the Internet sometimes I would. Especially for kids and bullying and all the things that are so easy to do for cowards.

“You used to go to school from 9am until 3pm and then you could switch it off. Now it follows you and the bullies can follow you if they want to.”

Similarly, RTE star Claire Byrne quit social media last year because of online abuse too.

Speaking to The Herald at the time, she said, “I don’t really know what’s wrong with people that they have to attack people online.

Claire doesn't want anything to do with it either
Claire doesn’t want anything to do with it either

“I’m not just talking about people in my position. It’s teenagers and lots of other people.

“It’s a strange thing that people think it’s okay to sit down and write something deeply offensive on a keyboard and press ‘send’.”

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