Who is Ruth Kearney? All you need to know about Theo James’ Irish wife


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Did you know that The Gentlemen star Theo James has an Irish wife? Well, now you do.

He has been married to the Irish actor since 2018.

But who is Ruth Kearney?

While the couple do live a very private life, here is all we know.


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How did Ruth and Theo meet?

The couple first met in theatre school, and have been together since. Ruth is known for her roles in TV shows such as the thriller series The Following and Netflix’s Flaked.

The couple were married in 2018 and welcomed their first child in 2021. Ruth grew up in Dublin and is very active on social media sharing her Irish Culture via Instagram.

It is not hard to tell that Ruth is very into travelling and loves the outdoors. Like her husband, Ruth is an actress. In an interview with ISSUE Magazine, Ruth gave an insight into her acting career. Speaking in the video interview, Ruth shared that she “can’t really imagine doing anything other than acting…It’s a tough career, but I feel like I can’t really imagine doing anything else”.


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What have I seen Ruth in?

Ruth’s husband Theo James has had major acting roles in Films such as Divergent and HBO’s season season of The White Lotus. Most recently he starred in Netflix’s The Gentlemen. But Ruth shared she prefers to not have her name in flashing lights. Ruth admits that she doesn’t like to take up bigger roles and prefers to see where the smaller ones will take her.

She seems to be more relaxed in her acting career and enjoys having free time to travel and spend time outdoors. While the pair have acted together in the first season of Sanditon, a series inspired by Jane Austen’s final novel.


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When did the couple get married?

On instant connection, the couple married in 2018. While there is not much information on the exact date, it was said the couple exchanged vows in 2018. From taking a look through Ruth’s Instagram we can only imagine it was a quiet affair, involving family and friends. The couple still continues to keep their life private.


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Do we know much about their private life?

While the couple is both equally private, Theo does not use social media. Ruth shares photos of her travels online. While they are rarely spotted together, the couple does attend premiers. Theo has discussed their relationship and how they balance a healthy relationship and work.

“It’s interesting being together this long because we have navigated through the very beginnings of our careers,” he told the Evening Standard in 2020. “That can be hard at times, but also that [brings] certain strengths [to] a relationship.”

The couple has not taken to the internet to share images of their daughter who they welcomed in 2021. The name is still unknown to the public. The pair spend a lot of their time in New York. They are both involved in the United Nations Refugee Agency. While Theo has been a supporter of the agency since 2016, Ruth joined in 2018.

Words by Katlyn Murray


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