RTE releases statement about staff wages and gender pay gap

Sharon Ní Bheoláin recently spoke out about the pay disparity

RTE news presenters  Brian and Sharon
RTE news presenters Brian and Sharon

RTE has released a statement in regards to wages after it was reported that some staff receive ‘secret bonuses’.

The public service broadcaste denies these claims and says that it has not paid increments for several years now.

“In response to a story in this morning’s Irish Independent, RTÉ can clarify that it has not introduced ‘secret bonuses’ to RTÉ staff. As we have stated clearly many times previously, RTÉ introduced a series of cuts to staff pay as part of significant reform across the organisation from 2008 – 2013 which saw a reduction in operating costs of €130 million.

“Pay restoration – reintroduced in 2015 – is based on binding agreements negotiated by the RTÉ Trade Union Group on behalf of RTÉ staff and followed this period of cuts to staff pay,” the statement began.

It continued: “Uniquely RTÉ was the only public body to voluntarily suspend and stop increments, stopping manager increments for some 4 years.

“As agreed with the RTÉ Trade Union Group and as communicated to RTÉ staff in 2015, pay restoration is being introduced on a phased basis: 15pc was restored on 21 December 2015; a further 42.5pc was restored on 19 December, 2016; additional tranches of 21.25pc each were restored on June 30, 2017 and on December 18, 2017.


“Increments apply within existing salary ranges, which are below the 2009 levels. These payments are not bonuses. RTÉ confirms that managers have not received bonuses or general pay increases.”

The company is set to release salary information for the 10 highest-paid hosts soon.

“As confirmed in our statement yesterday, RTÉ will bring forward the publication of fees paid to its Top 10 most highly-paid presenters, and expects to release details shortly. In line with our public commitment RTÉ has been publishing details of the fees of its top ten highest earners for a number of years.”

The BBC recently shocked the public by announcing the salary information of its employees.

RTE has also come under fire about gender pay gap issues and today said it was reviewing the situation.

“Regarding questions about payment by gender, RTÉ has also confirmed that a review of role and gender equality across the organisation will take place, and we will announce more details of that review soon.”

News presenter Sharon Ní Bheoláin spoke out about the issue recently saying that she does recognise that there is an issue.

“I can confirm the 2014 pay disparity you reference was accurate. However, this pay gap has since narrowed. In return for a pay rise, I have also undertaken extra duties,” she told the Sunday Independent.

“I believe that I am well remunerated, but, for the record, my pay is still considerably less than that of Bryan’s. I won’t be commenting further.”

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