Roz Purcell shares that despite her job she doesn’t really spend that much time on social media

Roz Purcell
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As a model slash runner slash chef slash hiker with multiple cookbooks under her belt and a huge Instagram following to boot, how does Roz keep up with it all as a modern day slashie, I wonder.

“I love that word slashie! The next time I’m in a taxi and the driver asks what I do, I’m just going to save myself a bit of time explaining and say I’m a slashie – I do a bit of everything!” she laughs. “A lot of people will plan out how to do everything in advance but my attitude to social media is to just share what I’m doing. I don’t have to think too much about balancing things, I just show daily life. And I don’t really overthink it. I also like following people on social media who naturally show their day.”

When anyone has a big social following online, it can be tricky, I imagine, to share time between what you’re doing in real life and then taking the time to edit, post and reply to messages or content on your page. But through time and experience, Roz says she’s learnt to be more conscious of how her life is lived.


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“I’m 31, at this age and the older you get, the more aware you are of your time and how it’s being spent. Keeping boundaries between social and real life isn’t too hard for me, I have to say I really love being around people and being present. I don’t spend much time on social media at all, I love filming and taking photos but I don’t love scrolling.”

“When I scroll I think of it as work, I had to draw a line at scrolling for ages so aimlessly as it makes me feel so bad for time wasting! I get that social media can be a job but if you’re not happy in it, you need to find what suits you, if you’re feeling pressure or guilt for not posting , you probably don’t have a good relationship with social media.”

To read Roz’s full interview with Rebecca Keane in the latest issue of our sister mag, STELLAR, where she talks about training, hiking, recovery and being present in the moment, plus their stunning seven page shoot!

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