Roz Purcell opens up about her struggle with alopecia


Roz Purcell has never shied away from being honest with her followers and discussing the important topic, with the model now sharing her struggle with Alopecia. Roz has suffered with the condition for quiet some time, having previously spoke about growing her hair back after finding a bald patch two years ago.

Opening up on her Instagram story, the model confessed she has been having a hard time lately and has seen her Alopecia return.

“So I have been having, kind of not the best time over the last two or three months. I know I was away on an amazing Christmas holiday and that was an incredible time but still.. Holidays are a nice distraction for stuff that’s going on.”

“Probably people who follow me notice that maybe my posting is a little bit different because I don’t really come on if I’m not feeling it because I just cannot lie,” she confessed.


Continuing: “I can’t switch it on as much as maybe I used to. The annoying thing is that because of that, the alopecia is back which, in a very vain way, is the most annoying part.”

Captioning her post: “Absolutely sickened. I hate that when I can’t control my stress this happens.”

Her Alopecia resurgence was discovered at the hairdressers, when she was getting styled by hairdresser Conor James Doyle. As she explained: “I’m just after coming out of getting my hair done with Conor and he found it.”

“I was talking to him in the mirror and the second he found it I could see his face changing. He was like, ‘Do you know that you have another one?'”

“He was like, ‘Look if you don’t want me to continue doing your hair you can leave,’ because anyone who has dealt with alopecia or finding bald patches, sometimes you’re like, ‘No one go near my hair.'”


But Roz wasn’t going to let the discovery stop her from enjoying a trip to the hairdressers.

“I was like, ‘You are finishing my hair Conor’, and thank God he did because look at it, it looks great.”

“And I’m very lucky my bald patch once again is in a position where it’s hidden so it’s something I can kind of deal with and not have people be like, ‘Is that a bald patch that she has?'” Roz explained.

The cook then told fans how she will tackle it. Saying: “I’ve done it before, back on my bulls***. I’m f***ing tackling another bald patch. Here we go.”

“I can’t believe I’m back to this point! But here we go, alopecia round three.”

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