Rosanna Davison shares that her surrogate is currently stuck in Ukraine; “We owe everything to her”

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Rosanna Davison has revealed that her surrogate is currently stuck in Ukraine amid the conflict the country is currently going through. The Irish model shared last week that she had offered her a safe place to live with her daughter here in Ireland while the conflict continues but that she is currently unable to safely leave her shelter.

Speaking with RSVP Live Rosanna said that she is in Kyiv which is surrounded by Russian troops, making it difficult for her to get safely to the Polish border. She told RSVP Live; “It’s such a sensitive, difficult and traumatic situation for so many people to be in that really, I just wanted to share what Wes and I can do to help at home and our experience.”

“We reached out to our surrogate last week to invite her to come to Ireland to live with us until there was a time that it may be safe to return to Ukraine or who knows what will happen there.”

Rosanna and her husband, Wes had their first child, Sophia through gestational surrogacy in Ukraine and have kept in touch with their surrogate, as well as the country meaning a lot to the couple as it was Sophia’s place of birth.

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Instagram/ Rosanna Davison

Continuing she said; “Her city has been surrounded by Russian troops and she has no way of getting out or getting to the border. She has a little girl and she’s sheltering with her family so she doesn’t see a way out at the moment but we’re really hoping that at some stage it will happen.”

“We’re obviously very worried for her safety, she’s someone that is incredibly special to us because she gave birth to our daughter. Without her, we wouldn’t have Sophia so we can’t even imagine if something happened to her.”

Speaking to the Irish Mirror the influencer said; “I’ve been demented and sick with worry, seeing the situation getting worse. I feel very protective of her, I’ve invited her to come live with us.”

“I said to her that we will give her a place to live with her daughter that’s safe. We’ll look after her, and she can see Sophia again. I’ve been messaging her constantly checking if she’s safe and if her building been bombed. She said there’s shooting going on all around her, she can hear bombs going off.”

Rosanna Davison
Pic: Rosanna Davison/Instagram

Speaking of her surrogates situation Rosanna said; “They’re running out of food, she’s hemmed in on all sides and she can’t get out. I’m very upset – I’m in bits over it. We owe everything to her.”

“I’ve been donating money to organisations on the ground like Unicef Ireland. I’ve donated baby supplies and nappies to another organisation. It’s hard to know what to do, beyond that. So I thought at least I can offer her a safe place to live in, who knows what will happen to the Ukraine. To give her the option at least so she knows she has somewhere safe to come to.”

“We just don’t think at this point she will be able to leave the city, as it’s surrounded on all sides by the Russian military and it was confirmed today that Russia has officially taken over her city.”

Continuing she shared what her surrogate had to say about their dangerous situation; “She said to me yesterday she was very scared but they were safe and there was a lot of gunfire outside and a lot of commotion. She said there was still running water and electricity but she doesn’t know for how long it will be there and food is starting to run out. Things are worsening where she is.”

“We’re so concerned about her, she is the woman who gave birth to Sophia, if something happened to her, we’d be absolutely devastated. Sophia developed in the womb in this city, that’s how close it is for us. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have Sophia.”

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this time.

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