Rosanna Davison reveals she has returned to work this month after the birth of her twin boys

Rosanna Davison has revealed that she has returned to work this month, after the birth of her twin boys. Because of the nature of her job it can be quite difficult to take full maternity leave, so she is back working since taking some time off since the birth of her twins boys in November.

Speaking about this decision with The Irish Daily Mail she shared; “I am in a situation where I am self employed and I am not entitled to maternity leave or PUP or anything.”

Last year the model and nutritionist spoke about her husband Wes Quirke’s business having to close during the pandemic and she opened up a little more about it in this new interview; “Wes’s business is closed and has been closed for most of the year, but it is just a case of not worrying too much.”

“He is hoping that the country will open up at some stage and he will get back to work and get the business up and running again. But we still have bills to pay and three little mouths to feed so I had no choice but to go back to work.”

However, Rosanna is happy with this decision, revealing that it’s something she’s used to having been in this sort of work almost all her life; “When you are self-employed you don’t turn down work either.”

“I have been financially independent since I was 19 so I am kind of conditioned to take whatever work is there because you don’t know where the next job is coming from.”

“And I felt it was the right time for me too — I had December more or less off and away from work, the first five weeks or so and then I decided I was happy enough to go back this month,” she added.

The couple welcomed twin boys, Hugo and Oscar in November of last year and Rosanna has been sharing lots of updates on her Instagram page with followers. Although it’s not always easy, as they have one-year-old Sophia too, having Wes at home has certainly helped.

“I have learned to double feed the twins myself at the same time but it’s tricky enough when they need to be burped. And having Wes there is great — he is such a capable dad and he does just as much as I do with the babies,” Rosanna gushed.

“He’s a whizz at changing nappies, winding them and bathing them — and all those things. We are just getting by, living day to day and trying to survive the day without too much baby sick down our fronts.”

“It’s so busy. I spend the day racing around trying to feed babies and cook for babies and do the washing and trying to get a bit of work done in between. It’s also amazing, we’ve never been happier and we are so in love with the twins as well.”

*Rosanna Davison is currently working with Irish brand, Water Wipes to promote their new 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and compostable wipes which remain purer than cotton wool and water.

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