Here’s how to rid your under eye circles while you sleep

Sleep deprivation is proven to cause the appearance of dark under-eye circles and contributes towards skin ageing. This can also be caused by higher levels of trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)

The natural balance of water evaporation through the dermal layers can become unbalanced by a breakdown in the skin’s barrier function through sleep deprivation and can kickstart a number of unwanted skin conditions, from morning redness and sensitivity right through to the definition of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin moisturization at night is therefore integral to slowing down these ageing effects.

Dark circles are often the most widely reported sign of disrupted sleep.

via Twenty20

While the prominence of this characteristic can be hereditary to a certain extent, the increased build-up of toxins (due to the breakdown of natural systems that aid detoxification and renewal caused by poor-quality sleep) intensifies the problem.

This makes topical application of detoxifying ingredients in the evening recommended.

We know it sounds simple, but sleep and moisturise, and you can combat those dark circles.

Sleep + Skincare =Sorted!


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