Rebellion star stopped by airport security for having a BULLET in their bag!


We'd have freaked out!
We’d have freaked out!

RTE star Paul Reid was stopped by airport security recently for having a bullet in his bag.

The actor, fresh from filming drama Rebellion, was on his way to a friends wedding when the chaos ensued.

Speaking to The Herald, Paul said, “I was going to my best friend’s wedding in Croatia and I didn’t know if I’d even make it because filming was taking ages.

“Eventually I just had to go, so I got my uniform and grabbed my bag but when I was going through security they found a bullet in my bag.

“I didn’t know how it got there. I was convinced one of the lads had planted it for a laugh.

At least he saw the funny side
At least he saw the funny side

“So I was surrounded by security and they had the bullet in a case like evidence and I was sure I wasn’t going to make the flight.

“But the head of security came down and I had to explain to her that I was filming a TV show.

“I was shaking while I was showing her pictures of us messing around with guns on set.

“Eventually she let me go. She kept the bullet though, but it made a good story at the wedding.”

We’re dying to know who was the mastermind behind this prank!


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