Rape scene axed from Poldark to ensure Aidan Turner’s character remains “romantic hero”

Spoiler alert!

They've cut the horrific scene
They’ve cut the horrific scene

BBC have decided to axe a shocking sexual assault scene from the new series of Poldark.

In the book which the series is based upon, Poldark rapes his former love, Elizabeth, however this won’t be shown on tv.

Instead, Aidan Turner revealed that the BBC have changed up the storyline, to ensure the attack doesn’t happen, and it will instead be a consensual, steamy affair.

He's happier with how this will play out
He’s happier with how this will play out

According to The Sun, he said, “It seems consensual, and it just seems right. He goes to talk. He doesn’t go to commit a crime.

“They talk and it seems like there is still this spark between them. This unfinished business emotionally.

“Certainly, that’s how Ross feels. He doesn’t force himself upon her.

A source told the newspaper explained the reasoning behind the change, saying, “Ross is a hero and times have changed since the 1950s and 1970s.

“The new series reflects that in a way that keeps Ross Poldark as the romantic hero fans want.”


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