Quick Shots with Dáithí Ó Sé

Pic: Kinlan Photography.

We caught up with the one and only Dáithí Ó Sé.

And like any good Kerryman, he truly could talk for Ireland!

Here’s what he had to say…

Daithi O'Se
Pic: Daithi O’Se/Instagram

It’s back to work for you Dáithí, does it feel like going back to school?

It kind of does, but I never really liked going back to school whereas I like going back to work. But it’s very similar – you’re getting your travel bag ready: Lemsips go in the bag instead of the pencil case! And the second you go back to school the evenings start to draw in.

Did you get away for any nice holidays while off?

We went home to Rita’s home place, New Jersey, for a few weeks, which was nice. And, at the end of The Rose of Tralee, there was a lovely week before the young fella went back to school and so we went off to Malta. It was the first real family holiday in a long time. We hadn’t been to Malta before and it was a present for Rita too because she turned the big 4-O during the summer. Myself and the little fella sat down and he picked where we were going to go – kindly guided by his father! So we got the birthday present and the holiday all in one!

What class has the little fella gone into?

4th class. The time has gone so fast; it doesn’t really make any sense. And sure he’s busier than ourselves between hurling, soccer, basketball, music and, the rest of it. He’s a better social life than the two of us put together. I’ve really noticed how he’s getting big and broad now, too.

What are dad’s extra-curricular activities?

One of my favourite hobbies is just hanging out at home. I know it’s a bit boring but when you’re working all the time it’s nice to come home and close the gate and muck about in the garden. I just love being at home.

Dáithí Ó Sé
Pic: Instagram/Dáithí Ó Sé

The Today Show is broadcast from Cork but you guys live in Galway, that’s a hefty commute…

It is. I do the commute up and down Monday, up and down Tuesday, on Wednesday I stay over just to break up the week and, home Thursday. We’re south of the county so it’s two hours but, I treat it as research and just listen to the radio all the way down and then on the way back if I’m all talked out of it, I’ll stick on some music and throw my head out the window!

Is it ever podcasts or always radio?

All radio really. I’ve always been a real radio guy.

On air you’re such a cool costumer, does anything rattle you and, ask Rita that, Dáithí (she’s sitting beside him)?

In terms of the job, it’s not brain surgery. I talk for a living, well actually, I listen a lot for my living. It’s more listening than talking. And it’s not about me, it’s about the guest always. Off the air what annoys me, Rita? Nothing, she says! Life’s too short to worry about things. You just have to handle issues as they come along. I write lists and I find that puts a structure on what I have to do. I became good at compartmentalising things when Michael Óg came along. When Ógie arrived I realised he was the most important thing in my world and that was the start of it for me. When I’m sitting in bed with him reading a story I forget about everything else.

Who makes you laugh?

Ógie makes me laugh, he’s just a funny guy…some of the things he comes out with! The innocence of a 7-year-old kid with not a care in the world.


Who’s advice do you value?

Different people for different scenarios. There’s certain things I’d go to Rita about, certain things I’d go to a friend in Limerick about and I’ve another friend I’d run things by in Kerry, too.

Are you a good communicator?

100 per cent, any kind of health issue, no problem talking about those, get it sorted, nip it in the bud as early as you can. I have a group of friends who are all the same too. Around this time last year one of the friends was having a tough time and we rallied around him. If you’re feeling down or pissed off, just say it.

Favourite day of the week?

Sunday. Rita has just thrown the eyes up to heaven! I have the dinner, lie back on the couch and go for a snooze, for an hour.

What time do you have the Sunday dinner at?

12 noon or sometimes 11.30 if we’re very hungry! At 1pm I’ll lie back on the couch and the other two can watch what they want.

Dáithí Ó Sé
Pic: Instagram/Dáithí Ó Sé

What’s generally on the menu?

We could have anything; Rita is an exceptional cook. But, it’s usually what the young fella wants, it’s not what I want anymore! He gets a menu, like! Our choice growing up was bacon OR cabbage!

Favourite time of the day?

It depends on the season: when it’s dark I love it around 5pm with the fire on. In the summer I like the very opposite – 6am in the morning, out walking.

Perfect Friday night?

The three of us at home watching a movie and Rita making Buffalo chicken wings.

Monday morning is…

Kind of chaotic with the young fella trying to get out to school and me trying to get out to work.

Pic: Gerard McCarthy 

Is Rita glad you’re going back to work?

She’s grinning! That says it all! Yes, I think she’s happy! Apparently there’s less mess when I’m around the house.

Are you messy?

No! I’m very neat. But Rita says there’s two types of neat: her neat and my neat!

Last night you watched?

The Rugby World Cup. But I do watch a lot of tv; recently I watched The Black List, Painkiller, Dopesick and Ted Lasso.

Dáithí is…

Calm, loyal and ageing!

Today airs on RTÉ 1 at 3.30pm weekdays

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