Plan your perfect office Christmas bash with these delicious party platters from Deliveroo


Tis the season to throw an office party!

Whether you’re having a big blow out bash in the office, or just a festive lunchtime, Deliveroo have your staff party catered for!

We checked out the best office party catering platters that can be delivered straight to your door and are sure to keep the whole team happy!

Have a look at the top picks below.

Pablo Picante


1. Group De Amigos – 

What: Burritos

Serves: 10

Price: €80


2. Fiesta Box –


What: Burritos

Serves: 15

Price: €120


3. Veggie Fiesta –

What: Vegetarian Burritos

Serves: 10

Price: €80



Krust Bakery

Krust Bakery


1.Donut Platter  

Medium or large

Serves: 8/15

Price: €17/€32


2.Cookie Platter

Medium or large

Serves: 8/15

Price: €17/€32


3.Cronut Platter 

Medium or large

Serves: 8/15

Price: €24/€44





1.Full Platter – 

What: Whole chicken, two large sides or four regular sides

Serves: 2-3

Price: €25.45

2. Wing Platter –

What: Ten chicken wings, two large sides or four regular sides

Serves: 2/3

Price: €23.50

3.No Bones Platter –

What: Chicken butterfly, four chicken thighs, two large or four regular sides.

Serves: 2/3

Price: €28.65

4. Jumbo Platter – 

What: Two whole chickens, five large sides


Price: €55.95



1. Classic Platter –

What: Sandwiches (Turkey, Ham & Cheese, Tuna, Double Cheese, Peri Peri Chicken, Turkey Lite, BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken) – Veggie option also available

Serves: 8

Price: €40

2.Salads/Wraps –

What: Tuna, Honey Mustard, Roundhouse Beef, Chicken Caesar

Serves: 8

Price:  €40

3. Drinks & Snacks –

What: Crisps, Drinks & Cookies

Serves: 8

Price: €40

Banyi Japanese Dining


Sashima Platter –

1. Eight Piece

What: Salmon, Seabass and Tuna pieces

Price: €10.75

2. Twelve Piece

What: Salmon, Seabass, Surf Clams and Tuna pieces

Price: €14.75

3. Twenty Five Piece

What: Chef’s Selection

Price: €26.95

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