Phillip Schofield on the Late Late: “I had to be honest. I had to be truthful.”

Phillip Schofield was on the Late Late this weekend and spoke about coming out earlier this year.

The This Morning presenter shocked fans back in February when he revealed he was gay. The 58 year old has been married to his wife, Steph for 27 years and they share two children together, Ruby who is 24 and Molly, 27.

Speaking about the experience on the show last night and how he and his wife dealt with it, he said; “I had long conversations with Steph, we talked about it a lot. It was really beginning to trip me up, mess with my head.”

“It started off with a little bit of confusion, then my head managed to turn it into something really big, scary and dark. Steph and I went through that together.”

Despite having his families support, Philip revealed it was still a very difficult time for him; “When I had made the decision, the only way I think I could save myself because it got that dark, was that I had to be honest. I had to be truthful.”

“Then when you’ve decided to make that decision you have to be honest and truthful with the people who are around you.”

Another difficult part of him coming out was telling his mother. Speaking with Ryan, he shared that his mother is 84  and had already suspected there was something up with him before he shared how he was feeling.

“She had already asked me months before, ‘Are you OK, you look skinny, you look sad, I know there’s something wrong.’ I said, ‘I’ll tell you when the time is right, but I’m not ill.’”

As the presenter suffers with an eye condition his mother initially thought what he had to say was something to do with his eyes.

She was relieved when he revealed his actual news; “I said ‘Mum, I have something to tell you’, and I told her and she said, ‘Oh, oh right OK, thank god for that, I thought you were going blind.”

“Those things in your eyes, that’s alright, so long as you are OK and Steph’s OK and the girls are OK.’”

“My mum suddenly turned into this incredibly modern, forward-thinking 84-year-old and we have these incredible really good solid chats about my head, how I am and us as a family. That’s actually worked out really well.”


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