Pearly Whites: The Irish celebs whose smiles we love!

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It's no wonder she's always smiling with teeth like these...
It’s no wonder she’s always smiling with teeth like these…

Irish celebrities are up there for having some of the best smiles in the world. They’ve gone above and beyond to perfect their teeth, so we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best of the best!

Working so much in the public eye, Irish starlets like to keep their teeth gleaming.

Holly Carpenter is one of Ireland’s top models, and is never shy to break out a dazzling smile, showing off her pearly whites. The Raheny native takes great care of her teeth, and loves to show them off at any given opportunity.

We're so envious of her extra white, pearly whites
We’re so envious of her extra white, pearly whites

Xpose presenter Glenda Gilson is sure to keep her teeth in tip top shape, especially considering how much she mingles with Hollywood’s A-list elite. We reckon she could even rival some of their smiles…

Look at those teeth!!
Look at those teeth!!

Pippa O’Connor loves to show off her gleaming grin. The fashionista, model and mum has so much on her plate at the moment with work, but she always has time to make sure her pearly whites are looking great.

pippa o connor
Pippa is full of smiles

What do all these celebrities have in common, besides the perfect set of teeth? They all get work done at Seapoint Clinic in Dublin.

The company, who specialise in teeth whitening, have also recently launched, “Seapoint Smile Design”, where clients can analyse and decide how they want their teeth to look before getting work done.

A new technology used by the company analyses the facial and dental structure of every clients face, and allows them to design and visualise the results of their new dental work. Through a series of videos and photographs, a treatment plan is then developed to work towards the desired outcome… Sign us right up!

This clinic is also home to the likes Rosanna Davison, Georgia Salpa and Michelle McGrath, who have all visited the clinic to keep their teeth in the best condition possible.


It’s no wonder these Irish celebs can’t keep the smiles off their faces!


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