Pat Divilly’s simple tip for staying fit after summer ends

It can be difficult to stay motivated in the colder months


As the summer months come to an end and the back to school season kicks in, it can be difficult to stay active.

The days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and we have less free time.

Wellness expert Pat Divilly has shared a simple tip for those hoping to stay fit long after summer ends.

The fitness and health guru revealed that the key to staying motivated is including fitness in your everyday routine.

Speaking exclusively to VIP he said: “Sometimes people block of their lives, they’ll say, ‘I’ve got my relationship, and I’ve got my health and I have all these different areas’, But if you merge the different areas it becomes a lot easier, if your fitness becomes as part of social life your more likely to stick with it.

“For example, you join a bootcamp where you’re socialising with the people you train with.”

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Pat runs a number of wellness workshops online PIC: Instagram/PatDivilly

 “You’ll only stick with something you like.”

Pat added that while some people enjoy heading to the gym, others need to keep active in different ways.

“There are some people who go to the gym three times a week and it’s just something they do, but the fittest and healthiest people are those who have it as an integrated part of their life.

“For the winter I’d be looking at: ‘what is something social I could do, that keeps me active’ or ‘can I plan a holiday where I go skiing and I can spend a couple of weeks training for it’.

“It’s about tieing the different areas of life together, I think.”

He continues: “It’s always something you enjoy, you’ll only stick with something you like.”

So if you’re worried about staying motivated in the winter months, try finding an enjoyable way to get active.

If you’re meeting with friends, why not walk the park instead of watching a movie, heading on a date? try a hike instead of the cinema, you’ll be happier and healthier in no time!


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