Pamela Flood hits back at online bullies!

Take it up with Mother Nature she says!

Pamela confronts her online haters!
Pamela stands up to her online haters.

Pamela Flood has hit back at Internet trolls who say she’s old to be pregnant at 44.

Pamela, who already has two children Harrison and Eloise, is expecting her third child with hubby Ronan Ryan later this year.

Pamela Flood and hubby Ronan Ryan
Pamela Flood and hubby Ronan Ryan

“In social media there’s been a lot of comments, and the vast majority has been positive. But there’s always a bunch who say ‘that’s ridiculous’ or ‘she’s way too old’,” she said.

“My answer is: if you have a problem with it take it up with Mother Nature,” she said on Ireland AM.

“It was a completely natural conception. Nature decided it was right so who am I to argue?”

Pamela and two children Eloise and...
Too cute: Pamela and her wo kiddies Harrison and Eloise

And she admitted she wouldn’t rule out having another baby down the line- although she admitted she wishes she was a little younger starting her brood.

Speaking to Colette Fitzpatrick on Newstalk, Pamela revealed: “I wish I met Ronan earlier. I wish I met him five years earlier, if I did we’d be having four.

“I think I’ve got to be aware of my strengths and my weaknesses, even with two little people, and a stepson Zack, it’s a lovely level of chaotic.

“With another one in the mix it will be total madness. But I love the madness.”

Pamela isn’t afraid to have more kids in later years!

The former Miss Ireland also spoke about the online backlash she received from people who thought she “slagged off” younger mammies.

The 44-year-old insists that having a child in your later years is not self-serving!

She said: “I don’t think it’s selfish!-I think having a baby when you’re thirty, when all you’re concerned about is ‘get this baby out’ so I can go back on the lash, that’s irresponsible.”

Pamela still feels like a spring chicken and also praises her healthy eating habits for helping her to concieve.

She went on: “Everybody is different. Take ten 44-year-olds. We’re all different and the levels that people take care of themselves.

“What has changed in my life over the last number of years since becoming a mum is that I’m taking better care of myself than I ever have in my whole life.


Pamela admits exercise has played a huge role in her pregnancy

Since making the comments, Pamela had received a flood of abusive emails, tweets and messages from trolls who, she says, “just want to jump on the hate train- they ain’t getting off until they draw blood”

“I was making an extreme example to say I don’t think what I’m doing is selfish or irresponsible,” she said.


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