Our top moments from The Late Late Toy Show!

It was a night of giggles.

Ryan and his adorable little chip
Ryan and his adorable little chip

The Late Late Toy Show finally took to our screens last night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, it surpassed all expectations, and we might go so far as to say it was the best one yet.

Strewn with some of the most random and odd things we’ve seen all year, the show gave us a good giggle from start to finish – but sometimes left us questioning what we had just witnessed.

Incase you didn’t get a chance to see the show last night, here’s what you missed:

Evelyn Cusack makes dreams come true
RTE weather woman Evelyn Cusack was this year’s Ed Sheeran, meeting one little boy and making him the happiest kid in the country. Johnny is a huge fan, and couldn’t have been more delighted to meet his hero last night. Watch from about 3.00 to see his reaction:

Dead ponies?!
Everyone has their 15 seconds of fame, and toy tester Lara certainly left us baffled after hers. The young girl told Ryan she had a little song for him, before singing, “My Little Pony, skinny and bony, went to the stable, to die on a table.” Grim!

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.20.57

Following her menacing little song, Lara decided to attack Ryan with a toy, but we can’t say we were too surprised at this. The look of sheer delight on her face while Ryan sat there in horror did give us a good giggle.

Bath Bomb Bonanza!
Who knew Ryan Tubridy had such an obsession with bath bombs? Not us anyway! The host shared his delight about the little fizzlers while throwing them into a bowl and howling, “I love bath bombs!! It’s like a giant Berocca!” We wonder what he’d be like if he was ever let loose in The Body Shop…

Money suit
During the book review segment, one child wore a suit of money, baffling a number of viewers. It was only after a while that he explained that he was dressed as a character from one of David Walliams’ books. Maybe they should have led with that…

David Walliams
While on the topic of David, we were delighted to see our favourite funnyman take to the show. He impressed his young fans who were reviewing his books, giving each of them a signed illustration from one of his novels. Then, showing that he’s always up for a laugh, David played Pie Face with Ryan. What a legend!

Could these two work on a show together, please?!
Could these two work on a show together, please?!

Rapping farmer
The talent was out in force last night, and in what was the main highlight of our night, young Fionn from Tipperary rapped his way into instant internet fame, wowing the masses. The only question we have is, when’s that mixtape coming out?!

In case you missed it…meet the legend that is Fionn, the rapping farmer! #latelatetoyshow

Posted by FM104 on Saturday, November 28, 2015

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