Oooh! It seems Hozier will be spending plenty of time at home this summer

He wants to hang out with his nearest and dearest

STOP EVERYTHING! Hozier is releasing a new album!
Hozier is releasing a new album!

Great news for Hozier fans today as the singer has announced that he’s began work on his second album, following the release of his latest song Better Love, which featured in newly released blockbuster, The Legend of Tarzan. 

Speaking to Idolater earlier this week, 26-year-old Hozier said that he’s started working on new music, but it’ll be a while before fans hear anything, as he plans on taking some time off in Ireland before throwing himself back into the creative process.

The Bray native admitted that he wants to spend time with his nearest and dearest, and as he’s been on the road for two years now, is looking forward to having some breathing space.

“I’m gonna catch up with friends and family, close family members that I didn’t see a lot of over the past two years at great personal expense. It’s at great personal expense for your well-being.

“I’m not going to be sitting doing nothing. I’ll dive into arranging what I already have for the next album. And I’m gonna be on tour again. I’d go crazy if I wasn’t touring by next year,” he said.

That'll certainly be nice for him
That’ll certainly be nice for him

Speaking about the hotly anticipated second album release, he said, “There are ideas, there are demos. Of course, work has already started. I’m not gonna show my hand on it until I feel I’m ready to show my hand on it.

“It’s all just go, go, go, go, go. For me it’s very hard to sit down, work on a song, demo it and even think.

“There’s a lot of ideas and it’s fruitful because you get a lot of external influences, but it could take time before you can actually farm all of that s**t out of you and hopefully have something pretty,” he said.

During the interview, Hozier also revealed the Irish bands that he’s loving at the moment, and it seems that the Take Me To Church singer is a huge fan of Saint Sister and Little Green Cars

Hozier is a huge fan of this band!
Hozier is a huge fan of this band!

“There’s a group to really look out for called Saint Sister and they’re a duo and they make fucking beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, just gorgeous lyrics.

“Are you familiar with a band called Little Green Cars? In the land of my heart, they are the sovereign kings and queens. They are song of the best songwriters I’ve ever met. Really beautiful, chest-opening music,” he said.

We can’t wait to hear his new stuff!

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