Noel Gallagher reveals crazy partying with Bono while on tour together

The pair did a lot of drinking while they were gigging this Summer

U2 Afterparty at Roberta's
Noel at the U2 Afterparty at Roberta’s


Noel Gallagher has opened up about the partying he did with U2 while on tour.

Gallagher was the opening act for U2 for the European leg of their Joshua Tree 2017 tour and said even he found it hard to keep up with their sessions.

The rockstar added that the hangovers were ‘brutal’.

He explained that the musicians celebrated the Croke Park gig in Dublin until 5.30am.

Noel was staying with Bono in his Killiney mansion, and the following morning it was revealed that he was throwing a lunch party with 75 guests.

“He said ‘Look the President of Ireland’s just arrived and you’re sitting next to him, so hurry up’, Noel told the UK’s Absolute Radio Breakfast Show.

U2 Afterparty at Roberta's
U2 Afterparty at Roberta’s

He explained that even a civilised lunch party turned into an all-nighter.

“So I had to get showered, get up there ‘whey, ey’ and all that. The lunch started at three. Do you know what time it finished? Ten past four in the morning.”

Noel explained that he found it so difficult to keep up with Bono that he tried to leave the tour.

“So the next day I wake up again in this guest house, and we’re flying to Paris for a gig the next night, and I was to my tour manager going ‘Neil, you’ve got to get me out of this place. I can’t do it anymore’.

“He’s going ‘right look, get your bags, I’ll pick you up at quarter to twelve’.  I’m like ‘great’.  As I’m kind of walking… I’ve got to say I was gonna do a runner, I mean I was in a mess.”

And as he was trying to leave, he was confronted by Bono, who was “in his dressing gown, with two beers under this arm, eating scrambled eggs, listening to opera”.

“He was going ‘Where you going?’  I was like ‘Well I was gonna go to Paris for this gig’,” Gallagher continued. ” He said ‘No stay here, come on a private jet’. So we get on the jet, more boozing.”

U2 love an afterparty
U2 love an afterparty

Gallagher added that he was shocked by Bono’s ability to keep going after all the partying.


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