‘Nobody is allowed to take the p*ss anymore’ Brendan O’Connor on society being ‘too soft’

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Brendan O’Connor has complained that society has gone too soft and that working on a panel show is difficult because ‘you can’t take the p*ss anymore’.

The presenter is set to host a new chatshow starting this month called Brendan O’Connor’s Time Out.

After hosting Cutting Edge for the last number of years, Brendan admitted he struggles with the ‘gentler times’ we are now living in.

He complained that he cannot “take the p*** out of anyone in case you’re seen as shaming them”.

“I wonder have we got soft? We live in gentler times where nobody is allowed to take the p*** out of the women in Hollywood who are paid hundreds of millions because they are vulnerable people,” he told the Sun.

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“I’d say the Russians are laughing at us, going ‘look how soft the West are getting’. Now, I suppose you have to pick your targets, or maybe, taking the p*** out of people trying to earn an honest buck is wrong?”

Brendan is well known for his opinionated comments, which can come back to haunt him.

In his new show his first guest is Majella O’Donnell, who points out that he has slagged husband Daniel over the years.

“You forget how many people you’ve offended taking the p*** over the years. I’ve been a bit of an a***hole and smart ass at times. I was having this great chat with Majella and then she suddenly reminds me, I haven’t been very nice about her and her husband.”

The host explains that it was quite embarrassing but that it sometimes comes with the territory of being a controversial journalist.

“I was morto. Majella was angry, she’s quite challenging, she looks at you right in the eye. It’s interesting, because in these interviews, I bring baggage into the room too. It’s my journey as well.”


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