Nicola Coughlan reveals the way her family keep her feet firmly on the ground since becoming famous

Nicola Coughlan
Pic: Nicola Coughlan /Instagram

If there’s one thing that seems to almost be a sin here in Ireland, it’s the idea of someone having notions. If you asked me, you can’t go astray with a notion or two – but we all know how you can receive a look or two if you’re thought to have too many.

That’s one thing that Nicola Coughlan doesn’t have to think twice about, thanks to her family.

Speaking to TV Now, Nicola revealed that they certainly help her from getting notions, sharing: “the one thing they stopped me from doing is getting notions, there’s no chance of that because when I’m at home I don’t get treated any differently.

“I’m my mum’s personal chef, the floor mopper, the room painter, I’m definitely brought down to earth when I go home to Galway.”

Nicola Coughlan
Pic: Nicola Coughlan/Instagram

Continuing, Nicola added: “I am better at keeping secrets this time around about what’s happening, because in season one I told them everything and then they were raging with me when the show came out and they knew everything that was going to happen. So now they’ve all warned me that they don’t want any spoilers so I’ve been very good.”

Nicola then shared that her mam was concerned with Penelope, Nicola’s character in Bridgerton, not getting asked to dance at the famous Bridgerton ball. “She would ring me every time we were filming and say ‘did you get a dance’ and I’d have to say no I didn’t, but I did get a dance in the final episode.

“That was her biggest concern, that Penelope got someone to dance with her!”

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