Nicola Coughlan gives fans some hints about Bridgerton series three


It only been a few months since Bridgerton series two debuted on our screens, but fans are already craving more. It seems we will have to wait another while yet for a new season and some drama from the ton. But in the meantime, Nicola Coughlan, along with co-stars Luke Newton and Claudia Jessie, are giving fans some insights into the upcoming season.

In a new video from Netflix, Luke and Claudia, who play siblings Colin and Eloise Bridgerton, discussed some of the storylines in series three. While Nicola narrated, reading Lady Whistledown’s first column from the upcoming series.

With Nicola saying: “Dearest gentle reader we have been apart for far too long, at last London’s smart set has made its return, and so too has this author.”

“As the season begins, the question on everyone’s minds is of course, which newly minted debutant will shine the brightest.”

Nicola Coughlan Pic: Netflix

Ending with: “The crop this year appears to be rather dazzling indeed, unfortunately not every young lady can attract the light.”

The first column seems to imply, there will be no Diamond of the First Water this season. Of course, it may just be Lady Whistledown trying to irk Queen Charlotte as usual.

As for our new love story, this series will focus on Nicola herself as her character, Penelope Featherington, and Colin are set to be the main focus for season three.

We’ve already seen plenty of these two in previous series, with Penelope pinning for Colin, who never seemed to notice her. But that’s all changing.

Explaining why it took so long for Colin to realise he may have feelings for Penelope, Luke shared: “Well they met so young in the cutest way possible, it’s such a lovely story the way they met, but there’s a lot going on and they can’t see what right in front of them.”


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Joking: “Which obviously for the fans of the show is very frustrating and they take that out on me sometimes.”

The Galway Girl revealed on Instagram that the third series will focus on her character Penelope’s love story with Colin, back in May.

Writing, “Like Lady Whistledown I’ve been keeping quite a big secret for quite a long time… but I can finally tell you that Bridgerton Season Three is Colin and Penelope’s Story”

The Derry Girls star also confessed how relieved she was to share the news with fans.

Writing, “I’ve been keeping the Season Three secret for so long I can’t believe it’s finally out in the world! Bridgerton fans I hope we do you proud captaining this ship! We’re very nervous and excited and can’t wait for you to see (Polin’s) story.”

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