Niamh Cullen on keeping fit and staying motivated during lockdown


With so many of us at home at the moment, we are more than likely not moving quite as much as we normally do. We are not only missing the gym we but also lacking motivation.

We caught up with influencer and fitness fanatic, Niamh Cullen to find out how she’s keeping herself motivated and active whilst in lockdown.

With everyone stuck at home at the moment it’s quite hard to keep up a fitness routine, what do you do to stay motivated?
Its very challenging- it’s so easy to just to not do anything. I guess firstly I remind myself of how good I do feel after working out, endorphins are high, headspace is always clearer. I do my usual things prep my gym gear for the morning, I get moving first thing when I wake up whether it be a walk, a run, a zoom class, yoga or just simple stretching. I find when you start your day off with some sort of movement this will help you keep you motivated.

I also plan out my days, so for example it could Monday run day, Tuesday mobility, Wedneday HIIT- get a little plan going. Set goals and little targets. I also keep in touch with my friends and we do things together. My friends now join my lives that I’m giving every Tuesday and Thursday so it’s helping them keep motivated because there is always one 100% committed and another not feeling motivated so the encouragement of others will always keep you going.


If you don’t have any workout equipment at home, is there anything you can use as an alternative?
Yes, oh my god the things are endless! You can obviously use your own body weight for push ups, squats, burpees. But you can use a chair for arms , legs and core. Cans of chickpeas or beans, bottles of water. Really all you need is a mat!

What workouts would you suggest that require zero equipment?
Body weight workouts are great they require nothing but your own body weight. Or fun HIIT workouts, I have one posted on my page that is super fun and full body. Yoga is amazing, also pilates. Youtube and Instagram have such a great space you can be apart of for zero equipment workouts.


This is a great time to maybe try some different workouts, is there any you would recommend?
Yes I have so many, one thing I would recommend is mobility sessions/workouts as these are great for opening up your body, to get those important stretches in. We aren’t moving a lot now with these restrictions so bodies can be tight. Hips and legs can feel so free with just some simple moves.

Over on my Instagram page every Tuesday at 8am myself and my trainer Sean are giving live mobility sessions for anyone who would like to join. I think we should use this time to try things that you always wanted to try but never found the time, like yoga , floor pilates.


What is your favourite post-workout meal that is easy to make at home?
Oh there is so many it really depends, if I’m feeling something sweet smoothie bowls are so easy and tasty to do. If it’s something savoury I love a big omelette.

I’ve also started making little brunch loves, so creating little dishes I would eat out, it’s so good for the head and makes it seem a little normal, so smashed avo with poached eggs. Smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs, pancakes the works. It’s so good to reward yourself after a workout and do some nice things for yourself especially with everything going on.

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