Niall Horan feels that One Direction didn’t get enough credit

They can sing, dance and write their own music- and yes, they are easy on the eye!

Niall feels that the band didn't get enough credit.
Niall feels that the band didn’t get enough credit.


Niall Horan has opened up about One Direction, saying that he doesn’t feel that the band got enough credit for their talent.

The Mullingar native, who just announced that the boys will reunite in the future, feels that the public had the wrong perception of One Direction.

Speaking to The Mirror Niall said, “I don’t think anyone really gives One Direction enough credit you know, in terms of what we were like in the studio.

“They think ‘Here we go, another manufactured lot that don’t really write their own stuff,’ but people would be wrong if they thought that.”


Niall doesn't want the same perceptions to be made about his solo music.
Niall doesn’t want the same perceptions to be made about his solo music.


The 23-year-old singer is now working on his solo album, after the recent success of his debut single This Town, and hopes that people don’t make the same judgements about him.

“This time around it was me working closely with producers and knowing what they like in terms of sound and being inspired by different artists and how they would write and in different ways writing songs.

“On our first album we were all sh** scared of the prospect of going into the studio as we had never done it before. But over time you become confident and know what you are good at.

“Over the last five years I’ve become a good guitarist and I love to play the piano. You learn a lot so it makes it easier this time around,” he said.

We believe in his talent!

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