Nadine Coyle forced to explain her accent on Loose Women

Some people had trouble understanding her.

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Nadine Coyle is currently promoting her new song Go To Work.

While doing interviews it’s almost inevitable that people will ask about her accent.

The Girl’s Aloud star is from Derry and has a particularly strong accent.

Let this video of her saying ‘flour’ be the perfect example of this.

However, it seems the hosts of Loose Women were not so use to her accent and had trouble understanding her.

Host Nadia Sawalha even asks her if her accent is a result of living in LA for so long.

“It’s kind of a mixture of an Irish and American accent – it must be, you’ve been there eight years now.”

Nadine was then forced to explain that accents in Ireland vary and not everyone sounds like they come from Dublin.

“It’s a very small town that I’m from so it’s not a typical Irish accent that people hear when they think of an Irish accent. A Dublin accent, or a Belfast accent is way more familiar. Where I’m from it’s a smaller town and there’s really not a lot of people around talking with my accent,” she explained.

Speaking about living in the states Nadine says: “I was raised in Derry, so we weren’t use to palm trees and 29 degrees every single day.”

Check out the interview below.


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