Missing Love Island? Here’s four reality shows to tide you over

Pic: Virgin Media

If you are missing Love Island during a wind-down time, here are some of our favourite reality TV shows all about love.

We have the list below for any hopeless romantic looking for a new series this spring. Cheers to finding love!

Love is Blind – Netflix

Pic: Netflix

Season four landed on Netflix this month, and it is the perfect series to watch this spring. Introducing the pods, a small room where the new couple get to know each other, but do not see each other!

The new season is full of drama and entertainment for all viewers. Love is blind is a fast-paced show, let’s just say there is no waiting around when it comes to love!

While everything might be smooth sailing inside the pods when reality hits outside, things tend to take a turn.

Not knowing what your potential partner looks like may be a challenge for some, but for us as viewers, we can only sit back and enjoy the show!

First Dates Ireland – RTÉ Player

First Dates Ireland Pic: RTÉ 2

If you are looking for something binge-worthy, First Dates Ireland is perfect! Season eight is now available on the RTÉ Player.

First dates can be daunting, but most have a chance to arrange the date themselves.

This show is similar to love is blind except you’re not looking for marriage, just a second date!

Season eight has been quite popular so far, so make sure to catch up via RTE Player. Many fans have been commenting on Twitter, about the accents of the cast!

Who doesn’t love an Irish accent… @Zenna_Marie commented: “Watching first dates Ireland for the accents”.

Married at First Sight – Channel 4 or E4

Married at first sight Australia is back! You can watch this Monday – Thursday at 7:30 pm on E4.

Married at first sight is a bit different to the previous shows mentioned, you do not get a chance to see or know your partner before the marriage.

This is the ultimate drama series for love. Once the new bride and groom are married, it’s time to get to know your other half.

This can be tricky, as some couples might not see a future together! The show will encourage the newlyweds to work on their relationship and explore each other’s interests.

Some couples will be on edge when confession week hits, but we can only hope some stay together!

Dating Around – Netflix

Pic: Netflix

Similar to First Dates Ireland, this Netflix series is blind dating, with a mix of all ages.

Once you apply there is no going back! In shows such as First dates and Dating around, the couples don’t often apply themselves!

Some will say a family member put them forward or even a friend! These shows aim to find someone worthy of a second date, or even a third!

Couples with similar interests are matched up and the producers can only hope it will be a successful first date!

Words by Katlyn Murray


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