Midday star admits: “I’ve made a sex tape – most people have if they’re honest.”

A regular panelist on the show revealed what she's gotten up to in the bedroom.


Midday’s regular panelist, Fiona Looney admitted to making a sex tape on yesterday’s day time show.

Fiona is the creator of RTE’s ‘Celebrity Bainisteoir’, a talented playwright  and never one to shy away from the truth!

She made the shocking revelation when the panel were discussing Coronation Street actor, Shayne Ward’s recent sex tape scandal.

Fiona admitted that she’s made a sex tape but, unlike Shayne Ward’s tape, hers was made while in a loving, committed relationship.

“Yeah, I’m dead honest, I have and I’m sure most people have if they were very honest,” she said.

“There is a big difference between being filmed or photographed in a steady, secure, trusting relationship in the privacy of your own home and doing what, unfortunately, Shayne Ward seems to have done.

“That’s picking up somebody that he barely knows and consent to being filmed or filming himself. You are asking for trouble.”

Shayne's past escapades have caught up with him.
Shayne’s past escapades have caught up with him.

“You have to trust the person that you are with and you have to trust them enough to project that, if this all goes really badly wrong, do I trust them enough not to do the revenge porn thing?” she said. “Because that is the really annoying thing.”

“I have been filmed but I think most people have, but I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Oh my God’.

She went on to say that she’d be shocked if the majority of people hadn’t engaged in either being photographed or filmed by a partner nowadays.

“I bet you most people in this day in age have either been photographed or filmed. I would be surprised if they hadn’t.”


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