Michael Flatley has earned HOW much for his art work?!

Riverdance legend Michael Flatley has debuted his first ever art collection

Michael Flatley
Michael Flatley experiences success in the art world

Proving that he can do much more than dance, Michael Flatley has now entered the world of art. Debuting his first ever art collection in June of this year called “Firedance” in exclusive London gallery, 12 Hay Hill.

Michael creates the paintings by dancing on linoleum canvases, and does so for hours in his Co. Cork mansion, Castlehyde. “The speed and precision that his footwork and body movements can achieve make this innovative method of painting distinctive and the resulting image is a visceral imprint direct from the inner mind”, as quoted from the catalogue of Firedance.

Michael Flatley at Firedance exhibition

So far, 12 of the 25 pieces have been sold, generating more than €1 million for the artist. The paintings are priced at roughly €74,000, however one fan reportedly privately commissioned a painting, spending €140,000 on it, according to The Independent.

A spokesman also stated that Michael has received “several offers from galleries and agents who want to represent him”.

Michael has retired as a dancer, but is currently touring with Lord of the Dance in New Zealand. He will continue to paint in his Irish home, and in his house in Barbados.





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