Beauty buys to make menopause a little bit more manageable

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If you’re not already going through it, it’s something that’ll probably be coming soon down the line.

Menopause sees hormones fluctuate in the the body, which impacts your sleep, skin, hair, mood and mouth. It can be uncomfortable and brings many changes.

Skin can become more prone to breakouts, redness and sensitivity, and the drop in oestrogen levels, – the hormone used to retain moisture – can lead to dry patches and lower levels of elasticity.

This decline in oestrogen can also lead to dry mouth, which according to Dr Vanessa Craven of Spotlight Oralcare, can increase your susceptibility to decay and cavities so staying on top of oral health is more important than ever.

Here, we go through the key items to have in your beauty cabinet, to make menopause, a little bit more manageable.

Combat those pesky breakouts Pestle & Mortar Spot Dots, €12. Place the patch over the blemish and the hydrocolloid material will soak up the oil, while also acting as a barrier to speed up healing and prevent further spreading.

Hormone changes can sometimes cause hair to thin and shed, but try combat this with thickening Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Density range; shampoo, €15.75, conditioner, €15.75 and leave-in cream, €15.90

To cool down and refresh at any time of day or night, spritz No7 Menopause Skincare Instant Cooling Mist, €19.95,

For a better night’s sleep, This Works Deep Pillow Spray is infused with lavender, vetivers and wild camomile essential oils to help you doze off into a peaceful slumber, €25

Irish brand Voya have created a range of spa treatments tailored for menopause to help relax the body, reduce hot flushes and improve sleep patterns, visit for more.

As collagen levels and the skin’s elasticity begins to dwindle, Dermalogica’s Pro-Collagen Banking Serum is packed with amino acids to preserve and protect the collagen that’s there. Keep that skin looking nice and plump! €99

Help sooth reactive skin and neutralise rosacea with Dibi Milano Defence Solution, Anti-Redness Cream, €65

Lash on Nivea’s Instensive Mositure to keep dry skin soft and supple for up to 24hrs! €3.99

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Lift and sculpt the skin while you sleep! Shiseido Vital Perfection Life Define Radiance Night Concentrate, €168

With your skin at it’s most vulnerable, be sure to load up on SPF each day to prevent damage from harmful UV rays, Nuxuriance Ultra, Nuxe Paris, €63

Don’t forget about your lips, keep them nourished with Dr Paw Paw Overnight Lip Mask, €10.95

Looking after your teeth and gums is important regardless of age – but worth taking even more care during menopause. Protect your general oral health with Spotlight Oral Care’s Sonic Pro, €104.95


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