Melanie Murphy shares sweet tribute to her husband:”I wouldn’t be coping without him”

Irish author Melanie Murphy and her husband, Thomas, welcomed a baby boy into the world earlier this month. This is the couple’s first child together and Melanie has shared a sweet tribute to her him on social media.

“I wouldn’t be coping without him. Hardly sleeping, still recovering from the blood loss after birth, breastfeeding around the clock…”

“If I were a chair, usually Thomas would represent one of the legs holding me up but right now he’d be all four.”

“He’s feeding me, running me baths, changing Pan’s nappies around the clock and hand washing his clothes, doing our shopping, driving us to medical appointments, fetching me water, keeping me smiling and offering up distractions, holding me when I cry, holding his own sh*t together while faced with what’s happened to aviation.”

“If anything, 2020 has proven that not one of us is an island. We need other people to lean on when we’re vulnerable and we need to be there for others when they are, when we can.”

Melanie continued; “Love isn’t always a stroll along the beach in the moonlight, sometimes it’s talking about the shade of your kid’s poo while you roll your eyes together at the voices on the radio giving more bad news, while you’re already struggling to find some optimism after two hours sleep.”

“I am so grateful for you.”

The Youtube star gave birth to her little boy on earlier this month, and has been savouring each and every moment with the tiny tot since then.

Sharing a picture of her cradling the youngster, she said, “Eight days before my due date, on the 25th of September, my husband and I welcomed our first son into this world!

“A massive 9lb 3oz, brown hair and midnight blue eyes after 25 hours of natural labour which had to end in forceps delivery due to concerns over my exhaustion and over the baby’s position when they checked for his head, which then led to three bad tears and some other issues.

“I’ve had to be kept in hospital a few nights with only one visitor (and set visiting times) due to Covid. That’s been the hardest part.”

Melanie and her husband Thomas don’t want to share many pictures of the baby online in a bid to protect his privacy, and any they do share, his face will be covered.

“I’m keeping his identity offline, but I’ll share as much about my journey of motherhood as is of interest, without putting him out there!”

We wish the family continued happiness!


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