Maura Higgins encourages her followers to book their smear test; “There is no need to feel uncomfortable”

Maura Higgins
Pic: Maura Higgins/Instagram

If you’ve been meaning to book your smear test, take this as your sign to do so! Maura Higgins has opened up to her followers about a recent doctor appointment, and is urging her followers to book their smear tests.

Maura has been undergoing a series of tests after being ill since last month, and took to her Instagram Stories to update her followers on the situation.

“Thanks for all your lovely messages by the way. A lot of you are looking for a Q&A on like what’s going on with me and stuff but I can’t do a Q&A because I’m as much in the dark as you guys. This is why I’m getting tests done,” she began.

“However, we did figure something out today, well when I say we, obviously the doctor. I’ve got severe inflammation around my bladder. Like my bladder is inflamed and we don’t know why. Obviously, I have to get more tests done. But yeah, very strange.”

Maura Higgins
Pic: Maura Higgins/Instagram

Continuing, she shared: “I actually went in for an ultrasound today. That was the appointment. So obviously you go in and you talk and you all this jazz and whatever. He was doing like an internal check type thing.

“I don’t want to go into too much details because I know it grosses people out or whatever… Anyway, so afterwards I turned around and said to him ‘oh my god that felt a bit like a smear test’ and he said ‘it was’.”

Maura then went on to discuss the importance of a smear test, and that she’s been told people often cancel their smears over their own fears. “But this is my point because I know a lot of you message me about the smear test… if anyone ever says to you that a smear test is painful, uncomfortable, anything – they are drama queens.

“I’ve had smears test in the past and it never hurt. I’ve had a smear today and I didn’t even know I was getting one. It was absolutely fine. I’ve had messages from women at the NHS saying that women actually cancel their smears because they’re so scared and they feel uncomfortable.”

She then added: “There is no need to feel uncomfortable. These gynaecologists, doctors and nurses have seen hundreds and hundreds of vaginas every day… My point is to get your smear test. It is so so, so important.”

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