Matthew MacNabb shares with VIP what brings him the most joy

Matthew McNabb

Finding out what brings someone joy is a great insight into both their personality and their interests and VIP got the chance to catch up with Love Island star, Matthew MacNabb. We spoke to the DWTS semi-finalist on the things that bring him joy.

Loved ones
My family and friends are my foundation in life and I know I can achieve anything with them behind me.

I’m so grateful to live in an era where the world is small enough to explore and large enough to get lost in! That’s where the magic happens.

Living life without fear
My life started when I decided to take on my fears. I found overwhelming freedom living life on the edge. It has given me a great perspective on life.

Matthew McNabb

Exploring the wild and going to the top of mountains always gives me a great appreciation for life and it makes me realise how small my everyday worries are.

Helping others
I think helping others is selfish in a way that I get the greatest feeling. Seeing others succeed and overcome obstacles is so rewarding. I feel close to my creator when helping others. I recently helped promote a sunflower charity in Downpatrick, Co Down which gave donations to suicide prevention and cancer research.

San Diego
I lived there for a couple of years and I grew from a boy into a man. I had the best years of my life and I met so many people that I consider family. It’s very close to my heart.

Matthew McNabb

I love the gym and I have trained six days per week for the past seven years. I feel really productive and happy after completing a session. It has given me so much confidence and I’ve met so many friends through it.

My Dog, Fudge!
She is always so happy and loves unconditionally. We can all learn from Fudge!

It reminds me that everyday is a gift and should be treated as such!

The simple things in life are often those we get most joy from!

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