Maeve Madden on the things you can do each day to make lockdown a little easier

Despite the fact that this is our third lockdown, it’s still hard to get used to the lack of routine in our daily lives. Without having to commute and head into the office 9-5 it’s easy to lose track of which day it is!

We’ve reached out to some of our favourite wellness and fitness experts to see what they focus on each day, to help their mental wellbeing.

Looking after your mental health is more important than ever as we try to get through the next few weeks and we spoke to fitness expert Maeve Madden on what she does each day to stay positive.

Structure your day

In the beginning I didn’t have a routine and lost my way, but now I realise just how important routine is to bring some kind of normality to life.

For me habits and a good routine is a priority for wellness.

Working Out

Looking after my physical health is my top priority. Getting your blood pumping is an amazing way to give your mental health a boost, whatever the circumstances!

On My Queens Don’t Quit platform we offer workouts every day for every ability.

Sleep is Key

Getting enough sleep, I aim for a good eight hours a night, a lack of sleep can result in a lack of ability to focus or increased feelings of anxiety.

Creating a simple nighttime routine is so important for better sleep hygiene.

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