Love/Hate actor reveals he was almost kidnapped as a child

This is so scary.

Laurence went through a terrifying ordeal as a young boy
Laurence went through a terrifying ordeal as a young boy

Former Love/Hate star Laurence Kinlan, or Elmo as he was known on the show, has revealed that he went through a terrifying experience when he was just 10-years-old.

The Dublin native spoke on Simon Delaney’s Behind the Scenes podcast, and told of how he was almost abducted as a child. He remembers being very frightened during the ordeal, where a man approached him to help look for his dog.

The actor said that he was very rattled afterwards thinking that he could have just been kidnapped.

“I had just turned 10 and was playing with my mates when a man approached me.

“He said ‘Would you help me find my dog?’

He was almost kipnapped, so scary.
He was almost kipnapped, so scary.

“He wanted me to walk up towards Buckingham Street. So, being streetwise, I said yeah but as soon as I got to my door I screamed for my ma and da.

“He ran to the corner, hopped in a car with an English registration and flew off.

“I remember crying my eyes out because I knew I was almost kidnapped,” he said.

This sounds so scary, we’re glad he got away safely.


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