Lottie Ryan shares hilarious moment Dave Fanning ‘fell over a cliff’ at her wedding

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Lottie Ryan has shared the hilarious story of Dave Fanning at her wedding, where he ‘fell over a cliff’.

Speaking Jennifer Zamparelli on her 2fm radio show, Lottie revealed that after a few drinks on her big day back in May of 2017, and ended up falling over a cliff.

She said, “I’m proud of this story, goddammit, and I think Dave Fanning is proud of it as well. Well, I hope he is, because I’m going to tell it anyway.

“Dave was at my wedding, very close family friend, and his kids who are really close with myself and my brothers and sisters.

“I did this thing the night before my wedding called a seranata, which is where my soon-to-be husband comes and serenades me at a bedroom window.”

Lottie then continued, “There’s the serenata, Fabio is there singing away to me at the bottom of a balcony with all the Irish people going ‘What the hell is going on?’

Pic: VIP Ireland

“Everyone is merry and then as the night goes on the Irish are really getting into it, going ‘Jesus this Italian tradition stuff, it’s amazing.

“And Dave was enjoying himself. Fabio lives in a tiny village on the side of a mountain. It’s very picturesque but it’s mountainous, there are little cliffs and ledges everywhere.

“Dave was walking around and decided he was going to relieve himself off the side of a little cliff and he fell over the cliff.”

Lottie then went on further, saying, “So while he was taking a whizz he just went forward. Sorry, it’s not funny, he actually really really hurt himself.

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