Lottie Ryan on the reaction to sharing her difficult pregnancy journey

Lottie Ryan pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Lottie Ryan has made waves with the release of her and Jennifer Zamparelli’s podcast Jen And Lottie Do… Parenting.

Their candid approach to parenting won over audiences particularly Lottie’s honesty about her struggles while pregnant of with her son Wolf, and the challenges she has faced as a first time mum to her tot.

Speaking to us at The Platinum VIP Style Awards, the Dubliner opened up about the response to sharing such personal matters.

Admitting “The thing that I’m finding the nicest is seeing how many other women were in the same situation as me. It makes you feel like there is like a team of you, which makes it way less scary.”

“The amount of women just messaging us saying how grateful they are to hear people being so honest and open. There is no other podcast where parents really  talk about things that might be a bit embarrassing.” 


As for how it feel to see their productions meteoric rise in the charts, the presenter confessed she and were thrilled.

Saying things were going: “Really, really, really well. We were number one and we are bloody delighted with it. We are having an absolute blast.”

“We’re taken a back with how well its done, so early on. But its a welcome surprise.”

The Dancing With The Stars champion also revealed that the podcast will be coming back for a second season.

“We are flat out with the podcast, it takes up a lot of time doing something like that on top of your full time job, and we obviously both have young families as we’ll so we’re kind of working on ideas for season two. We’re not even half way through season one, but we’re planning ahead. And we’re just enjoying it, cause its fun, and its different, and that’s what’s taken up all our time,” she revealed. 

The mum-of-one also addressed if she and her husband Fabio had any plans to expand their family, saying: “For now I’m very happy with my family, very grateful everyone is happy and healthy so for the time being I’m grateful.” 


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