Linda Nolan opens up as she loses her hair during cancer battle


Linda Nolan has opened up to fans amid her on-going battle with cancer.

The 64-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Making a full recovery by 2011. However, in 2017 she discovered an incurable cancer on her pelvis, which unfortunately spread to her brain.

Speaking with the Mirror, The Nolans star shared how she has shaved her head to gain control, after she began losing hair.

“My friend who is a hairdresser came round and just shaved it. Then I said ‘Get me a cap, we’re going out for a drink!'”

“When we got back I was emotional. My sister Maureen said ‘Are you alright?’ and I couldn’t speak, then I said ‘Not really’. She came and sat beside me and put her arm around me,” Linda admitted.


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While the decision allowed her to take back control, it has still been a very difficult and emotional journey for the singer. However, the Dubliner felt it was important to share her story, and help others in the same situation.

The I’m in the Mood for Dancing songstress admitted she was “devastated” to lose her hair again, and even with a strong support system, it is still tough.

“People say, ‘Well you know you look great’, but inside I’m screaming ‘I just don’t want to lose my hair again!’ I was devastated at losing it.”

“I have two lovely wigs, blonde, short, wigs, I will get them out – but I hate them. I check it’s on straight all the time, or if it’s warm I’m boiling. It’s been easier to wear the baseball cap.”


In her most recent health update the 64-year-old has now revealed that she will be using a wheelchair and is moving in with her sister Denise due to having issues with her balance.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Linda shared: “Unfortunately, sadly for me, my cancer has now spread to my brain, and which I only found out on Monday.

“And that’s obviously very frightening because there isn’t much out there for brain cancer at the moment, apart from radiotherapy, which I’m going to be having.”


“But there is a new drug that’s been in use for a year, for brain cancer, and they’re going to try me on that as a [chemotherapy] drug with some other treatment.”

Linda went on to insist that she is “not giving up” and is remaining “positive” about the future.

“We’re getting everything and [I’ve] bought a wheelchair, we’re getting stuff ready for the inevitable. Really scary, scary trip to be on, this one,” she added.

Our thoughts are with Linda and her family during this challenging time.

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