Laura Whitmore reveals what she eats in a day, and it’s as saintly as you’d imagine

Not a cheeseburger in sight!

Laura Whitmore reveals what she eats everyday, and it's surprisingly normal!
Laura Whitmore reveals what she eats everyday, and it’s surprisingly normal!

There’s no doubt about it, tv presenter Laura Whitmore has an enviable body and glowing skin, so it comes as no surprise that she leads a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking to Women’s Health magazine the 31-year-old revealed that she believes that life is all about balance and having fun.

She said, “I think balance in life is so important, whether that’s with food or working out or just finding the time to have some fun,

“For me, what’s quick and easy and fits into my lifestyle is key – I’m never in one place for long enough for anything too labour intensive!”

Laura's diet is healthy but attainable!
Laura’s diet is healthy but attainable!

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the tv star’s diet is fairly normal. All her meals are simple and attainable for most. She has porridge for breakfast, eggs and avocado for lunch and fish with lots of green veg for dinner.

Laura revealed that she doesn’t eat red meat but is sure to get her iron through her greens. She also admitted that she loves kale!

She likes to snack on nuts and pineapple if she’s craving something sweet. That all seems doable, right?

Laura likes to do yoga and running
Laura likes to do yoga and running

For fitness, Laura likes to practice yoga and enjoys running, two forms of exercise that she can do even if she is travelling.

Most importantly, the former MTV host is adamant on staying hydrated and carries a bottle of water with her everywhere.

“The only other thing I’m adamant about is hydration. I’ve always got water with me, wherever I go,” she said.

If water is her secret then pass us a glass!

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