Laura Whitmore on her dream Love Islander and her favourite thing about hosting the show

laura whitmore

Laura Whitmore has spilled the beans on everything you need to know ahead of the new season of Love Island.

As well as dishing on what her dream islander would be like, the new mother also shared how it feels to be hosting her first ever summer Love Island.

How does it feel to be back hosting the new series of Love Island?
I am so excited to be back hosting. It’s been a year where I think we all need a bit more love and fun in our lives and I think everyone is ready for Love Island to be back – myself included.

I’m really excited about seeing the Villa. I’ve never seen the Villa in Mallorca so I’ll probably be there a little bit fangirling at the Villa. It’s almost like a person to me. So I need to remember that I’m there doing a job, not just a fangirl. I haven’t met any of the Islanders yet but I’ve heard from the people behind the scenes that they are an incredible cast – it’s really exciting.

Did you miss it when it was off air?
I’ve never worked a summer Love Island, so I’d normally be watching it on the telly. I really missed watching it. I couldn’t watch the news anymore. I needed something that was a bit more fun – I think everyone’s the same. Having the break from it has made people appreciate it more.

laura whitmore

When you watched previous series did you have WhatsApp groups about it?
I have WhatsApp groups, loads of WhatsApp Love Island groups. I remember series 3, I was in a play and we were touring. We had a cast WhatsApp group and it just became about Love Island. Not anything to do with the play. Nothing in there about our job, just about Love Island.

When you hear the music you think, ‘What do I need before it starts?’ I make sure I’ve got all the snacks ready and I’m ready to go. If you’re even 10 minutes behind, you’ll miss something and someone will say it in the WhatsApp group. There are rules for the WhatsApp groups. I have a few friends who might miss an episode and I’d say something and they’d get really angry with me and I’m like, ‘It’s your fault for missing it, don’t be blaming me.’

What’s your favourite thing about hosting Love Island?
Purely from a fangirl point of view, getting to see behind the scenes of one of the best shows out there. It’s like going on set of a movie and seeing how it works. I worked on TV shows before where it’s a set and there’s like three walls. In there it’s not. You can’t see the cameras.

I always wondered when you see shows like Love Island, how do they forget about the cameras, but you can understand how they can forget about them because they’re kind of behind the wall or the glass… I walked in there, I was like, oh this is a really fun house to be staying in. Pretty fangirl to be able to see behind the scenes. Not many people get to do that.

What are you looking forward to most?
I think the first day. I meet all the Islanders the way everyone else meets all the Islanders. So when they come into the Villa and they do the line-up, that’s the first time I’m meeting all of them as well. So I’m looking forward to that. It’s so funny because you change your opinion so much.

You meet someone and you go, ‘Oh, they’re my favourite’. And then I’ll have a different favourite by the next week. The first day, that’s the big day. And I love trying to guess who I think they’ll choose. I never get it right.

What do you think is the secret to the show’s success?
Everybody loves love. The feelings and what they go through is so relatable. Everything from unrequited love to getting ‘pied off’… We see it all in Love Island. I think that’s what really is the draw.

love island

What makes the perfect Islander?
The perfect Islander, for me, is someone funny. Someone who stirs it up a little bit. You want characters, big personalities in there. Someone who goes for it.

What would your advice be for someone going into the Villa?
The only thing I can say is be yourself. Eight weeks is a long time, if you try and play a game or try to be something you’re not, you’re going to get found out quite quickly. From watching the show, I would just say be yourself if you want to be in there for the long run.

Do you find it hard not to get involved in the dumpings?
I find it really hard. I found it really hard after Casa Amor. Last year when I knew Callum was coming back with Molly and I had to walk in there, and I saw Shaughna… I knew he’s walking in with another girl. All I wanted to say was run… but obviously I can’t do that. Even my eyes… I couldn’t look her in the eye. But I found that really hard, as she ended up picking nobody and I was thinking, ‘Pick somebody!’. But I’m not allowed to say that, obviously.

This is your first time in the Mallorca Villa, but what is your favourite bit of the Villa?
That room where they get ready… the mess they make. I thought I was bad with my friends. I remember going in there and there’s make-up on the floor, they’re messier than I am. But that’s a fun room to get ready in. And I like it around the pool – wouldn’t we all like that?!

Irish viewers can watch the news season Virgin Media One when it airs on Monday 28th of June at it’s usual time of 9pm.

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