Laura Whitmore addresses former Love Island star who called her hosting ‘boring’


Laura Whitmore is hitting back at former Love Island contestant, Amy Day, over some controversial comments she made about the host.

Amy appeared on last year’s show as a bombshell in Casa Amor, and has voiced her concerns about the Wicklow native’s hosting skills. Agreeing with fellow Love Island alum Rachel Finni, who claimed Laura was given the job because she’s married to the show’s narrator, Iain Stirling, and said she was “gutted” to find out Laura would be hosting again.

Speaking on Murad Merali’s podcast, Amy said; “I think it would be nice to have a presenter who throws herself into it and that whole interview that came out of Rachel hit loads of the press and it is true we are all a bit gutted.”

She also wasn’t impressed with Laura’s hosting during the 2021 reunion show, saying it was “a bit dead and boring.”


But now Laura is sharing her side of the situation, emphasising how she has a job to do and won’t let comments like this bother her.

Telling the Sunday Independent; “I’m professional. There is a reason why I’ve been in this job for 14 years and worked non-stop. Comments will be made and taken out of context. I do my job.”

“You have to respect the process of the show – and sometimes we lose respect for people for what they do and for doing their job right. We all have to respect each other.”

Pic: Instagram/Laura Whitmore

When asked if she felt it was dangerous to speak about a woman’s career in that way, Laura wholeheartedly agreed.

Saying; “Ah, yeah. Yes. I can’t tell someone else how to live their life. All I can do is look after myself and do things that I feel are right.”

“Also, some people are new to it. I’ve been around for a while and I understand how it works. I am very careful what I say and how I say it.”

“I am respectful of people I work for. Someone judging me off an edited version of a show doesn’t bother me.”


This isn’t the first time Laura has hit back at these comments. She has previously shut down rumours about getting the job thanks to her husband.

Speaking during an IG Q&A the TV personality explained, “I’m not going to give too much energy to it because there is always stuff like this and you kind of brush it off, but, I think we need to be careful when we discuss women and their work.”

“I’ve worked in telly for 14 years. I won a competition to be the face of MTV and have stayed working from job to job. I’ve done incredible things all over the world, with the best teams, but I’ve never got a job because of a guy I’ve dated.”

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