Late Late Show viewers praise Rob Delaney & Patrick Kielty after emotional conversation about Rob’s late son

Host Patrick Kielty pictured with American actor/writer and Catastrophe star Rob Delaney on last night’s Late Late Show. Photographer credit: Michelle Daly.

It was an emotional show on last night’s Late Late Show as actor Rob Delaney sat down with Patrick Kielty to discuss the tragic passing of his late son.

In 2018, the American actor’s two-year-old son, Henry, tragically passed away after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Rob honoured Henry’s life in his upcoming book A Heart That Works, explaining: “The book is about Henry’s life and his death and what our family has been like since.”

“I have three other boys – a 12-year-old, a ten-year-old and a new five-year-old with whom my wife was pregnant with when Henry died.”

“So this book is about our family and Henry is of course the star of the book but I wanted to talk about him I wanted more people to know about him.”

Photographer credit: Michelle Daly.

Rob was also quick to commend his sons for how they handled their brother’s illness, sharing how they visited the hospital often when one-year-old Henry was admitted.

Sharing: “The one thing we did do well was we constantly had his older brothers in the hospital. Regularly there would be one hospital bed with three kids in it.”

“And so I am grateful that we knew to keep the kids in the same room as much as possible so that was good but then when we did get him home for the last seven months of his life that was like… I mean you never think about, ‘Are all my kids going to be under the same roof?’ Of course if you’re asked, ‘Do you want your kids under the same roof?’ ‘Of course yes.'”

“You think, ‘What scenario would they not be under the same roof?’ So that was maddening and when we finally got back under the same roof we were very happy.”

Going on to explain how Henry sadly passed away on Rob’s birthday.

Host Patrick Kielty pictured on the 61st series return of The Late Late Show, Picture Andres Poveda

Patrick related to the situation and shared how his father died on his brother’s birthday. The comedian’s father was murder by loyalist paramilitary group, the Ulster Freedom Fighters, in 1988.

With Patrick saying: “My dad was killed on my brother’s birthday so I know how hard that is.”

“But one of the things you said which I thought was brilliant you were glad it was your birthday because…”

As Rob added: “Yes because Henry’s brother, right above him, his birthday is five days after mine. So we could see that Henry was dying. We thought … I don’t think we said it out loud but I remember thinking, ‘Please don’t let him die on his brother’s birthday.'”

“So there was, among all the other terrible feelings, there was a tiniest bit of relief that merely my birthday was totally destroyed forever rather than a kid who was turning five that would have been awful.”


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Opening up about his grief, Rob confessed that he “certainly still cries about him” and his family are still grieving.

Saying: “The days leading up to his anniversary are always terrible. We bicker and fight and are crying and then the day of, once we’ve gotten that out of our system, are often very peaceful and we’re thinking a lot of happy thoughts about Henry.”

“You never know where you’re going to be in the peaks and the valleys but you know they’re going to come.”

Concluding the chat, Patrick who was nearly in tears, offered encouragement based on his experiences with grief.

Saying: “It’s a beautiful book. It’s been a long time since I lost my dad and I know it’s not long since you lost Henry I just want to say to you that there might be a day that you will be able to celebrate a birthday again.”

Their conversation won praise from viewers who commended Rob for his honesty and Patrick for his compassion.

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