Kerry Katona opens up about her daughter Molly’s move to Ireland


Kerry Katona is one proud mama, as she opened up about her daughter Molly’s move to Ireland, to pursue an education over here. Revealing she was the one who encourage Molly to take the leap.

Now 21-year-old Molly moved here when she was just 16, living with her dad Brian McFadden’s parents.

Opening up about her daughter leaving England from our island, Kerry told Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM: “Molly’s at The Lir to get a degree in acting. Molly moved over there when she was 16. She did her GCSEs here in England. She didn’t get what she wanted so we spoke to her nan because Brian doesn’t live in Ireland.”

“People think that Molly lives with Brian, she lives with her nan and grandad who absolutely adore her and have worked wonders for her.”


Molly did move back London, after finishing her Leaving Cert, but was unhappy in the English capital, which is when Kerry encourage her daughter to follow her heart and move back here.

As she explained: “She moved over there and she did three years of education and then she moved to London which she absolutely hated.”

“Then she moved back home and I said, ‘Why don’t you move back to Ireland, you were flourishing over there’.”

Since moving back, Molly has been perusing her dream of acting, studying in Trinity’s Lir Academy. Something Kerry is very proud of.

“She was desperate to get into The Lir and she finally got in the Lir. So it’s all worked out well, she’s home for Christmas which I can’t wait for. I haven’t seen her since her birthday but we talk all the time on FaceTime.”


The family recently celebrated Molly’s milestone 21st birthday, with Kerry and Brian reuniting in Dublin for the special occasion.

In a video shared to social media, the former couple were seen in good spirits as they danced the night away together and celebrate with their daughter, birthday girl Molly, and 19-year-old Lily-Sue.

The former couple hit the dancefloor in celebration, Kerry posted video of her and Brian partying to LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It.

Opening up about her and Brian’s relationship now, Kerry revealed they get along, but don’t talk much anymore. Saying: “It was Molly’s 21st and we were there for Molly. It was Molly’s first time having both me and Brian in the room. I wish Brian all the best of luck, we get on when we do but my girls are older now, they’re 19 and 21 so there’s not really much to be in contact about.”

“We never really were that much in contact but he’s their dad, they love him, he loves them and I wish him a lifetime of happiness, I really do. He’s got a lovely partner Danielle, I absolutely adore her. They’ve got a beautiful little baby.”

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