Keith Barry reveals he uses his spell-binding skills every day: “It’d be stupid not to!”

He loves to mess with people's minds.

Keith puts his skills to the test
Keith makes the most out of his skills!

Keith Barry may use his trance-inducing skills on movie sets and stages around the world, but the Irish mentalist has admitted he also uses his hypnotic techniques in real life – and on a daily basis!

The hypnotist is back in Ireland ahead of his latest stage show, Out Of Control, and he has revealed that he practises his skills as much as possible.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Keith said, “Oh I do, yeah! It’s called covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis and I use it all the time.

Keith loves to mess with people's minds
Keith loves to mess with people’s minds

“When I’m buying a new house or a new car, of course I am going to use any technique that I can to get these things cheaper. Does that mean I will put somebody asleep and get these things for nothing? Well no, not really.”

Keith continued, “There are secret techniques: neuro-linguistic programming, the yes-setting mixed with hypnotic triggers and all that kind of stuff. I’d use it on a daily basis, it’d be stupid not to!”

As he uses it so often, it’s no surprise Keith’s family have picked up a few techniques of their own. His wife Mairead is no stranger to the mesmerizing skill, as she too can hypnotise people – and was hypnotised herself during her second birth –  and their two children Breanna (7) and Braden (3) are also starting to learn about it.

Keith and his wife Mairead
Keith and his wife Mairead

“My seven-year-old is running around trying to hypnotise people already. I think I could have created a monster there,” he laughed.

Despite spending so much time surrounded by the mystical skill, Keith believes hypnotism is where these abilities end, and that psychic’s and fortune tellers don’t exist.

“I would love somebody to walk in here and sit down there and convince me that they are truly psychic, but I have educated myself in the overt techniques that they don’t want you and the general public to know,” he said.

Keith went to say, “I’ve been to hundred of psychics and I have yet to meet any who would come even close.”

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