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Lots of people Talk to Joe about their problems

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Joe Duffy has been listening to the nation’s biggest problems for some time now, but discussing such difficult topics can take it’s toll.

As the host of Liveline, Joe talks about all sorts of issues affecting the nation.

The 61-year-old revealed that exercise and long walks help with to cope with his work.

“It’s important I don’t take it home with me,” he told VIP.

Joe was speaking at the National CommuniTEA break event, which is run by mental health and suicide prevention organisation Suicide or Survive. He revealed that he was looked to the charity for help after stressful days on his show.

“I’ve often phoned Caroline or Bob (from Suicide or Survive) who are personal friends, after I did a programme where there were people in distress, and I’ll talk it through with them, and ask them ‘did I say the right thing’, or I’ll ask them could I have said something else.”

Joe is working on a documentary with RTE about education in Ireland
Joe is working on a documentary with RTE about education in Ireland

Speaking about mental health issues, Joe explained how he has seen depression affect people.

“I know from my previous work as a social worker and family therapist, that depression is the most insidious, devious, callous illness there is.

“If you break your leg, or break your arm, the first thing you do is dial 999 and get to a hospital, but when depression comes into your head, it’s an invasion. Depression will tell you, ‘you can’t do anything about me by the way, stay in bed, don’t take tablets, they are useless, don’t talk to people.”

“You have to talk about it, to try and get over that hurdle. It is a beast in your head saying ‘don’t do anything about it, I’m going to take over you life’.

“A lot more people, hopefully, are a lot more willing to talk about depression than years before.”

Joe is making a documentary with RTE about the pressures of education among young people, and the broadcaster said he is aware of the mental health issues that go with it.

“There’s so much of it around now and I’m very conscious of young people, in terms of the leaving cert and education, the pressure of a job and third level education.”

“Young people and depression is a big issue at the moment,”


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