Jennifer Wrynn addresses claims she’s selling products for huge markup

The hat designer was accused of buying items online and selling them for a huge profit.

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Jennifer Wrynn has addressed claims that she is selling cheap products for a huge profit.

The hat designer was accused of buying items on Asian website Ali Express and selling them for 18 times the price.

An investigation by The Irish Mail claimed that she and blogger Ciara O’Doherty of Taylor and Rose were selling the items under their own label.

The Boutique owner took to Snapchat this week to respond to the claims.

Jennifer claimed that her hats are always 100% made by her and her team, but that some other items are bought in.

She said: “I just wanted to come on to chat to you about something that has been playing on my mind the last few weeks and I just feel like I need to address.

“It’s in relation to the article that was published about me or my business a couple of weeks so in one of the national newspapers. It was mainly about where we source our products and where we get our products from.

“I guess I just want to kind of chat to you guys through it and just to be super clear about things and how things came about.”

Jennifer Wrynne

The designer explained that after making hats and other items, she felt it was time to add other accessories including clutches and jewellery.

“In relation to where we purchase our jewellery from or our clutch bags, they’re all sourced in Asia, so whether it’s China, India, Thailand, basically that side of the world.

“That’s where we can get our hands on beautiful quality jewellery and accessories and sell them on at an affordable price.”

Jennifer also explained that the markup in price is in relation to the cost involved in buying and shipping the items as well as other expenses a business faces.

She finished by saying: “I guess I just felt the need to come on and clarify more than anything else. So our jewellery and accessories are sourced in Asia, our dresses are sourced from different designers around the world and my hats are all handmade in Leitrim.”


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