Jamie Dornan’s daughter expresses an interest in acting


Jaime Dornan is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but is a rising artist about to take his spot?

Well, that just might be the case, as the Belfast man’s daughter has expressed an interest in acting.

Although it might be a while before she conquers the acting world, as his little girl is only seven-years-old.

As the actor told PEOPLE Magazine: “Our seven-year-old had a thing at school where she had to get up in an assembly and say what she wanted to be. She was saying she wanted to be a singer. And then at the sort of 11th hour, she changed it to actress, and she had to give three reasons why she wanted to be an actress.”

Jamie Dornan
Pic: Jamie Dornan/Instagram

And Jamie is a cool dad, fully backing his daughter’s ambitions, even though he is certain they will change at some point.

He opened up to his little girl and shared insights to his career, as he explained: “I told her what I liked about it: travel, meeting different people, getting to escape into characters.”

“She’ll probably want to be an astronaut next week. [But] even just to have that moment where she wanted to do it, I thought was pretty cool.”

Jamie Dornan
Pic: Instagram/jeanneyangstyle

The star recently addressed balancing his family responsibilities with his hectic career.

“You don’t ever want to apologise for working, you know, you want your kids to see that work is important and we have this life because of the work that I do, my wife does,” he PEOPLE Magazine.

“You’ve got to remember when we’re off, we’re like off, you know, I’m doing every school run.”

Jamie shares his three daughters with his wife, Amelia Warner. The couple are based in the heart of the English countryside so when he’s not on film sets he has a pretty normal life.


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