Jamie Dornan got Kelly Clarkson to try this distinctly Irish snack on her show this week

Jamie Dornan
Pic: KellyClarkson/Instagram

The Tourist star Jamie Dornan surprised American singer turned talk show host Kelly Clarkson with a distinctivly Irish snack this week whilst on her show. And before you jump to the usual suspects like Tayto or Cadbury Dairymilk, it was actually dulse which is dried seaweed.

The Belfast native appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and decided to surprise the host with the snack inspired by his last visit when Kelly surprised him with a Whataburger, Jamie kept the gifts going, offering Kelly some Irish dulse.

Explaining the seaweed snack to Kelly, he said; “It’s basically like dried out seaweed, but it’s not like those thin seaweeds you get in posh delis and stuff. Like it’s very from the sea, it feels like someone has just picked up some seaweed, shaken it off and put it in a bag. But it’s called dulse.”

Jamie’s description didn’t exactly excite Kelly, as the singer claimed; “I like seaweed, but what you have described, it doesn’t sound great.”

But Jamie wasn’t giving up, saying; “It’s organic, put it that way. Here we go!” The pair tasted some anyway, only to discover Kelly had tried it before. She told Jamie; “I’ve had this. I like this, you just made this sound horrible. This is the perfect amount of salty.”

However, according to Jamie this wasn’t typical dulse they were eating; “I grew up having the sort of gnarlier version of this, I would say, this has gone through a bit of work I think, to get this polished.” So it seems Kelly Clarkson is a dulse fan!

Pic: VIP Ireland

Jamie was on the show to promote his new project The Tourist, which premiered on BBC back in January but only made it to America recently.

The Fall star describe the show, saying; “We find this guy, me, driving through the Australian Outback, and he’s in this little old car, but he’s happy, he’s singing along to, and then he gets involved in this very intense sort of race, sort of hunt with a a big truck. Truck hits him off the road very deliberately. He wakes up in hospital after this massive accident.”

“He has no memory. He doesn’t know who he is, why he’s in Australia, why anyone’s trying to kill him, and then we basically spend six hours meeting these insane people and piecing together who he is and why he’s in Australia.”

The show was a massive success and has just been renewed for a second season. While not a lot is known about the upcoming continuation of the show, it has been confirmed that screenwriters Harry and Jack Williams will return to the writing room.

As for if Jamie will return again, it seems likely as he has spoken about his desire to continue the role. Telling Entertainment Weekly; “We all signed up for one.”

But hurried to mention that his previous series, The Fall, had been extended; “The Fall was meant to be one series, there was big demand for The Fall, obviously, and we did a couple more ”

“In the U.K. and Ireland and Australia, and anywhere it’s been so far, people seem to love The Tourist, so who knows? I know conversations are being had. So we’ll see what we get to, but I would love to.”

Words by Slaine McKenna

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