“It’s gonna be hard to take to that stage and not burst into tears” Garth Brooks on upcoming Irish gigs

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400,000 tickets have been sold and Garth Brooks is well and truly gearing up for the performance of his life here in Ireland’s Croke Park next September.

Telling The Sunday Life what exactly the opportunity to play 5 nights in Ireland means to him, after a huge let down in 2014, Garth admitted that emotions will be high on the night.

“I can tell you, even in September next year it’s gonna be hard to take to that stage and not just burst out in tears. I think what I’ll do is I’ll enjoy more than anybody else, but I’ll probably just cry the whole time”

“I feel lucky for the opportunity. The opportunity was swept away, and I thought it was gone”

Also revealing that he’s looking forward to playing the gig he added: “The fact that you got to sell 400,000 tickets? Oh my God, that’s amazing. But the chance to now come back and get to play with those people? That’s a wonderful thing.”

Telling the story of how he found out he would be playing Ireland again when Aiken promoter Peter gave him a call, Garth shared:

“When I got a call from Peter – in a sweet, funny, his own kind of humorous way, ‘Would you be interested in playing Ireland?'” the country megastar said

“I said, ‘Peter, if I could reach through this phone, I’d grab you right now!”

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“We’d already made ourselves a promise that anybody who would ever buy a ticket from us again, that this will not happen again. It can’t.”

It can’t, and it’s not. Garth has sold out all 5 nights of his tour finale in Croke Park, are you one of the lucky 400,000 who managed to nab one?


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